National holidays and observances provide fantastic opportunities to share the stories of those touched by donation and transplantation. With Father’s Day around the corner (Sunday, June 21), you can share this touching story about Alicia’s father, who¬†donated both of his kidneys after his death in 2012, saving the lives of two other dads on the waiting list. Feel free to save this image and use the sample text to share on your Facebook this Father’s Day. If you have a story that shines a light on donation and transplantation that can be used on Father’s Day, submit it to us for us to share on the Idea Blog.

In July 2012, Paul suffered a massive heart attack and later died due to brain trauma. “My dad was always telling jokes, wanting nothing more than to make people laugh. He went out of his way to help others,’ said Paul’s daughter Alicia. Through his donation, Paul saved the lives of two other dads with his kidneys, gave eyesight back to another with his corneas, and helped heal several burn victims with his skin grafts. “I find peace knowing how many others get a second chance with their loved ones because of my loved one,” said Alicia. #StoriesofHope

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